Our Customers

Prime Source Foods provides center-of-the plate products and provisions to a diverse customer base. To offer equal coverage and expertise where it's needed, we built our sales team around four specific channels, while covering all of New England and Upstate New York.

: We have captured and mastered this niche market simply because we have a committed team of Asian sales reps that understand specific product and pricing expectations, and how to create respectful relationships that last and thrive.

We are able to source authentic ingredients and proteins that make dishes soar with flavor and freshness while keeping costs manageable and choices abundant.

FOOD SERVICE: Restaurant owners, chefs, and kitchen managers already know that customer expectations are high, and unique requests are increasing daily.

The need for quality, consistency, responsible sourcing and precise preparation of meals keeps them on their toes. Prime Source Foods enables all food service establishments to meet their customers' wants and needs as well as their budgets.

From New England made sausage, or grass-fed beef burgers for the casual diners, to NAE (no antibiotics ever) duck for specialty dishes or hand-cut tenderloins for the white table cloth establishments, our product variety and reliable service allows for meal after meal to be served with confidence.

LATINO: This is our fastest growing segment within the food service channel. We have a designated Latino sales team scattered throughout New England to support our continuous growth.

We understand product and delivery needs for all of our channels, and our sales teams are dedicated to providing service that is required by each individual establishment.

RETAIL: We realize our retail accounts are unique and a key market here in New England. Our retail team has years of experience working with delis, butcher shops, independent grocery stores and every retail operation in between.

We are keen on current trends, old traditions, brand expectations, and what it takes to make retail business thrive.

And, last but not least,

WILL CALL CUSTOMERS: Whether you are a raw feeder to your pets, need well-priced, bulk product for a company event, or simply like the ease of picking up at our facility, our will call customers have come to trust our reliable staff and service. Call today to discuss product and pricing.1-800-334-2449