Man with Blue Gloves Cutting Bone In Pork Loin Chops On A Band Saw in the Prime Cutting Room

Prime Cutting Room

PSF’s own line of meats, available in numerous cuts, in varying levels, and processed at our in-house production room.
Whether you’re looking for an order of choice ribeye steaks or diced pork butt, you can source your meats from the Prime Cutting Room–custom cut, packaged and weighed to your exact specifications.
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Cut to Order

Our In-house Processing Room

The Prime Cutting Room was developed to fill a need for restaurants, butchers and markets to be able to order exactly the type of protein, in the quantity they need. Because we offer custom cuts in-house, our customers are able to limit the hassles associated with bulk protein distribution, such as food waste, unnecessary spending, and time trying to sell the less popular cuts.